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A moderately emotional, highly sensitive, outdoors inspired photographer and artist living the tiny, nomadic lifestyle in a camper with three cats and a husband.


I ask my husband that question all the time. “Is it normal that we get to sit virtually alone in the great expanse of the Coconino National Forest in the spring and listen to the birds while the wildflowers wave in the wind with no civilization within sight?” No.

“Is it normal that we get to sit at the base of a 12,000 foot peak and literally watch the snow melt after working all day from our 100 square foot rolling home?” Again, no.

This isn’t normal. Not for most people.
But for some of us who choose to live differently, what is normal anyway?


5 Ways We Keep Our Mental Health In Check

It’s May. It’s Mental Health Awareness month. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have conversations around this subject. To have open dialogs with friends and family about the things we all deal with but more importantly, the things we know others are dealing with. Avoidance and ignorance only magnify the shame and discomfort around Mental Health.