Summer Progress Update

Hello friends! We’re back with a progress update! Somehow most of summer came and went and we didn’t post much. Between our real jobs, travel and just normal life we really only got to work in the big girl about 6 hours each week, give or take. Unfortunately our goal of moving in at the end of summer wasn’t realistic but we’ve learned to go with the flow.

We made some headway during a couple of weekends and for anyone interested in the bones of what we’re doing, here’s a look:
-We reinforced the back of the rig with a steel beam.
-We reinforced the walls where they attach to the floor with steel angle iron.
-All the walls, floor and framing are now a nice, solid plywood.
-We had a ton of repairs to do to the roof and windows.

We’re actually much further along than this post shows but I didn’t want to jump the gun, so our next post will be the latest update!! Only a few more work days left before we start freezing here in Ohio we are in a rush to get all the weather related things taken care of. Hopefully then we can focus on more finishing touches on the living space!

Done right does not mean done fast.

I’d love to be sharing an update with beautiful photos of our nearly finished interior but…, guys. We just aren’t there yet. We had a wonderful week of family vacation sandwiched by weeks of work at our actual jobs. Justin is back to school now so things are moving slower than before! This is a sure test of our patience. We’re looking at it as an opportunity to plan, purge, pare down and rest. That said, it’s been a real internal struggle. We’ve completed more than our fair share of home improvement projects over the ten years that we were homeowners living in our house. Everything from installing tile to refinishing hardwood floors, each came with their own set of trials and failures; that’s for sure. Looking back now, at the end of the project we loved those failures. The trials along the way made it all worth it. We’d sit and look at our finished project and marvel at how far we’d come! This project hasn’t given us many of those moments yet.

The process on the camper has exposed us to a whole new set of challenges that right now sorta feel like failures. We are so anxious to get in and start living the tiny life that the slow progress we make each week is more like torture. We even had a conversation that went something like this “we should have bought a new one, then we’d be on the road by now”. But, in reality our work schedules wouldn’t have allowed that and we quickly realized that anything that comes easy isn’t usually worth having at all.

My parents are the brains (and the muscle for the time being) behind this entire project. I come up with ideas and we talk about those ideas and then I make a final decisions about a simple thing like the placement of an outlet or which direction the ceiling grooves will go. Truthfully my role in this project has been different than any project we’ve done in the past. I feel useless and unhelpful because I don’t have the knowledge to do anything correctly. No one else has a problem with that except me. My parents just want to make sure that the foundation of our tiny home is solid and safe and done well, and we do too, but we’re feeling a little disconnected from the process. Right now, our patience is being tested and it’s a learning experience that we’ll definitely find growth in…one day.

I’m finding other ways to occupy my mind, like purging more from our apartment. During a recent purge session I came up with a new plan; Since we have the luxury of living in two places at once when the big girl is finished, we’re going to move in with nothing except the absolutely bare necessities, like camp necessities. Then slowly we’ll add the things we stop to think about using during any given task instead of moving everything in and then trying to pare down to what fits. When we moved into the apartment we had left overs from our house days so we just crammed it all in there and then quickly started seeing how space could be used better or certain things weren’t needed. Less is definitely more in a small space.

Overall, I imagine this new feeling is a precursor to what life will be like on the road, living in our tiny ‘big girl’. A test of patience, a learning experience and slow moving. Some of which aren’t  innately my strengths.

Good day, friends!
Since I don’t have any new photos to share, here’s some of our inspiration for the interior and here’s our inspiration board for the big girl!