Why we’re building.

Lately when we tell people about our camper conversion they ask us where we plan to go. “Everywhere”, we say, but the question no one has asked until now is why we’re building it. They all get the concept but no one has really asked why we didn’t just go or buy a brand new rig to call home until this past weekend. My sister looked around at the work that had been done, to her not looking like much and said “Oh Mal-Mal”…”Do you wish you just bought new?”
That really stirred up some thoughts. Why didn’t we? We could have been out on a tour by now. But when I boiled it down, here’s what I came up with:

Our biggest struggle right now is that we’re not IN the camper. We could have easily hit the road back in June when we moved out of the house, hell, we could have just hit the road when we decided to buy the rig last August…we were ready. So why have we gone through all the trouble and time of converting the camper into a home; rebuilding it’s walls and restructuring it’s bones? Why spend the money? Why not just hit the road? We wanted a way to simplify life, to get out of debt, to travel and to be closer to nature. That was it. Well, we knew pretty strongly that this wasn’t going to be just a big trip or a temporary arrangement. We’re pretty set on the idea of living a tiny, mobile lifestyle for a good long while. And to lay the foundation for that big of a life change took some time. It meant paying off debt last year, moving out of the house in June even though we wouldn’t be ready to travel next year. It meant making sure that our business could function in the camper and that our healthy lifestyles could be easily maintain. That meant we had to invest some thought and money into making the living space right for us. We had to invest big time or we might not fully appreciate it. Now we know her bones. We put in the work and now she’ll last another 30 years.

The one constant for us both is that Ohio is home. Our families are here. We knew that there would always be a home base in Ohio. The camper will be that home base in 5 years when we’re too tired for the road life. It’ll be our home base in 10 years when we want to take it to the mountains or when we want to come home from whatever city we live in. It’ll be around and we’ll still love it because we’ve put so much time, so much thought, so much effort into making it our own.

September Progress Update

September was a busy month with little change in the way of appearance but we got a lot done in the way of weather proofing and rebuilding her bones. Things started to get exciting when we saw the shell for our bunk, our sofa/pull-out bed and our pantry and kitchen take shape.