The beginning is near.

I’ll be the first to admit that lately I’ve been pretty stressed out and distraught with the camper project. We’ve been living in the basement at my parents for 7+ months, that alone is hard on us because we have limited internet, no cell service and feel closed off from the world. We blazed straight through summer busy with weddings right on through Christmas in a blink of an eye it seemed. And the one thing that remains is that everyday we have work to do in the camper. It’s daunting and physically hard. Juggling that with all of us working full time and to say we’re worn out would be an understatement. We’re burnt out, frustrated and we all curse a lot but in between all of that we laugh, we celebrate the wins and we learn.
On a down and out day, I was telling Justin how tired of everything I had been and he reminded me, with his kind-hearted spirit that if I focus on the bad parts I won’t appreciate those in-between moments as much. He said he’s loved spending time with my parents, laughing a lot, all of us being together for dinners and lunches, teasing each other all through a days work. Him and I talk about the future and at the end of everyday we high five and fall into bed excited for what’s to come. If that isn’t what life is all about then I’ve been wrong all this time and I should just give up. I just needed that little reminder that it’s simpler than the story I’m telling myself. After a couple weeks of busting ass in the evenings we are seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.

We have a ton of progress to show but I want to talk about some of the projects that kicked our asses first.
1. The plumbing. My dad custom rigged the entire plumbing set up and we have no idea yet how it works but we do know that the water pressure is beast! Plumbing is hard and confusing and takes a long time! Thank God for diligent Dads.
2. Electrical. Justin basically has a Master’s degree in electrical after all the research he’s done. He ran all the wires, most of the twice.

We had some visitors this weekend for the first time in a while. Justin’s family hadn’t seen the camper since long before we had walls up so they were thrilled to get to vision how life will be in the camper! Bella, our 8 year old niece grilled us with all the questions! “Where do you shower”, “Where do you sleep”, Where do your put your clothes” –her response to this answer made the minimalist in us proud, she said “I guess you just won’t have very many clothes.” After 20 questions and 20 good answers she said “Well I guess you have everything you need.” So…we got the stamp of approval to move forward!!

As I write this we have working plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom and fully functioning electricity! We have full-time heat with our LP wall system that keeps it toasty in there. My mom is half way done with our sofa that she’s upholstering with her new sewing machine and the countertops are down, stained and sealed. Only minor details left and installing the flooring and we will have a full reveal of the interior!

Take a look at our Insta as always for the latest and greatest and lots of videos!


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