April – Moved In

We’re finally LIVING inside this damn thing. YOU GUYS!!! What?!?!? We’re just 30 days from our one year anniversary of moving out and leaving normalcy behind. It took us every bit of that time to get to where we are and it sure as hell wasn’t an easy year. April was a big month for us over here and if you couldn’t tell from our Insta feed, we are SO in love with our new home. We got the girl back from the shop at the end of March and have spent nearly every minute of time since enjoying this simple, tiny lifestyle! It took us a while to get things situated inside, because we’re still working out some kinks with our hot water situation which has us going into the basement to shower and do laundry. For that reason we’ve just been keeping our clothes in the house still but I think this weekend we’ll organize our closest space in the camper!

I can’t say how enough about how the transition has lifted our spirits. There’s something very un-natural about photographers living without natural light. The first morning we woke up at sunrise and just sat with our hearts so full starting at the golden rays. After the first 3-4 weeks my consensus is that there is ample storage, extra even, and we could stand to pair down again in the kitchen! We’ve loved cooking, cleaning, sleeping and being with the cats above ground where the light can dance on the walls. My workspace came together just in time for a giant kick-off to wedding season!

We still have a couple tiny projects to complete, but all in good time. We aren’t in a hurry. With the weather finally turning we can’t wait to spend more time outside enjoying life instead of working every second on this thing like we did last year. I still nearly sob at that thought and how much time we’ve spent doing things other than traveling, exploring, hiking, etc BUT we’re making this transition for life. It’s not an adventure or a vacation. This is just our life now. We’ve had to keep reminding ourselves that this wasn’t about taking a long trip someplace or hopping around the U.S. for a couple of years. We put in the work and the time to build a home. A home that we will live in happily where ever we are…be it here in our backyard in Ohio or… anywhere we want! That being said, we are SUPER excited to be headed to Michigan and hopefully some other great places this summer!

The most asked questions right now are about where we are going and why there are so many dang cats in here. We thought we’d just answer a few questions, show a few photos of the interior and plan ahead for the rest of our blog posts now that life is back to a normal pace.

“How many cats do you have in there?”
We currently have 4 of our 6 kittie-babies in here. They’re LOVING it. The other two are residing happily in our basement apartment still, we didn’t want to over-shock everyone so it’s been a methodical process. We’ll see how they all do in here and then may consider finding foster homes for when we travel for the 2-3 that won’t take kindly to all that travel entails.

“Where are you heading first?”
This question gives us anxiety. Why? I’m not sure. We don’t have a plan exactly. Life is the plan. But I’m beginning to realize that if we don’t make a travel plan then life will win and we’ll end up here doing the day-to-day for another year or more and I know we don’t want that. We aren’t putting pressure on ourselves to hurry up and go someplace because we’re still finishing things with the renovation, running a business, Justin is still teaching and we have clients and events here peppered throughout the summer. So, to answer that more specifically; we have an RV campsite booked in Michigan for a wedding in June and we’ll be there for a week. That very likely will be our maiden voyage. We hope to have time for short, local trips to work out any kinks before that but we’ll see, we aren’t pushing it. It’s just finally nice to be able to relax in here after a year of building it out.

“Are you going to live in it at your parents house?”
For now. We’re living in the camper full-time which has given us the luxury of working out all the lifestyle kinks while we still have access to electricity, water, the help of my parents and the extra space to pair down and organize the rest of our crap. It’s not the dream to be posted up here next to their house but it’s the best spring board we could have had to make sure we’re ready for the next step of this.

“When will we get to see it?”
Any time! We’re welcoming guests! We’ve had a few stop by already! We’re hoping to plan a party but finding the time during wedding season and the energy in between finishing the last details has us kind of just procrastinating that idea. We’re posting interior shots on our active Insta page and once a month or so I’ll be sharing a post here on the blog so you can definitely keep tabs on our life & progress!

I have some great posts planned for the coming months so stay tuned if you want to see our storage concepts, learn about our compost toilet and watch some interviews from the building process!
Thanks for following along!