Interior Tour

Over the last year (two if we’re being realistic, with the planning and paring down) we’ve poured EVERY. SINGLE. OUNCE. of ourselves into this project. It’s been exhausting. It almost broke us more than a few times and continues to test our patience + second guess the whole idea. But it has also made us stronger.

We’re SO FREAKING thrilled with how it turned out and we can’t wait to share and tell everyone about all the details. The renovation process is something we’ve loved for a long time, since we bought our first home together 12+ years ago. We love the work and the reward.

This project is about much more than that, though. It’s been easy to blanket this project and focus on the renovation because that’s all we’ve been doing. But this isn’t about renovation, it’s about innovation. Upheaval of life for the sake of not settling. It’s about the challenge. It’s about chasing dreams. We just watched the new Beauty and the Beast and felt a true kinship with Belle and her ideas about life. We want more than what society has planned. We want more for ourselves than what is normal or acceptable. We crave adventure and exploration. We crave a simple life but not to be simple people.

The tiny house movement is something we fully support and something we want to fully explore. Living minimally, free from debt while unconventionally making a living is something we are VERY passionate about as a couple. The things that living in this camper will allow us to do have yet to be revealed because of the renovation process but we haven’t lost sight of the adventure, the support of the earth and the financial freedom that await. Those are the reasons we embarked to begin with.

That said, take a look at our new home with explanations of each section in the photo captions.
We’d be thrilled to answer any questions you have! Just leave us a comment!

Thanks guys!

June – Still Working

Hey friends!! Here we are, June 3rd. That’s crazy. May came with all showers and no flowers…well until this past weekend which was actually June but it was still beautiful. We’re ready for another update here on our monthly blog! First, I have to say that it’s so hard keeping up with what’s going on when we seem to barely find time to feed our selves a proper meal let alone journal. I don’t know how professional bloggers do it. But I know that one day I will look back on all these entries and remember the good parts and forget the tough ones.

Let’s see…so in May we got a lot accomplished!
– We managed to tidy up the exterior with the amazing Mr. Clean magic erasers. They literally took all of the slime off without effort. Our girl is looking FRESH!
– We patched some openings from where we removed appliances way earlier in the build process. I felt really good about this accomplishment. We did a simple DIY fix instead of waiting for my brother to professionally cut and weld us steel plates. Some sheet aluminum and some snips, grommets and a lot of Pro Flex and we were good to go (pics coming soon).
– We got new tires, a spare tire and new wheel ANNNND had more repairs done to the engine.
-This weekend Justin is working on rebuilding our cargo doors. They were completely rotten so we used the same aluminum sheets from the patch work and rebuilt the original doors with a snazzier look and new locks. Everything takes so much longer than we plan for but when it’s done…it’s going to feel so good knowing that WE did all of this (with my parents help, obvi)

Those were some of the awesome things we got accomplished. But everyday hasn’t been wonderful. We’ve had to temporarily move-out while the rig was in the shop so all semblances of home/work/life balance was nonexistent. Things were getting lost…and not just our minds. It was a very weird couple of weeks. Today in particular was very stressful. We’ve had physically harder days & weekends than this one but for some reason this one really got us. Maybe it’s because we’re supposed to be done. We’re supposed to be onto the next phase. We’re supposed to be focused on other priorities by now. But life has her own agenda.

Today Justin made two trips to Lowe’s (20+ miles away), after an emergency garage visit yesterday which resulted in the cancellation of our first appearance to visit some friends in the camper. And I woke up with some crazy anxiety about, well, everything under the sun and was having what I now understand to be small panic attacks all day long. Probably because we had a tiny hiccup this weekend when we noticed that the shop either left off some nuts on our new shocks from back in March or they weren’t tightened and fell off. Either way, Justin noticed it when he was underneath mounting some conduit and was like what the whaaaa? Thankfully we chose a shop less than a mile down the road, we took it over and they fixed us up within an hour. Now we can only hope they had a bit more attention to detail with the rest of the repairs they did.

I’m not typically one to stress. Or maybe I am and I just never noticed but today I’ve been nauseous and anxious about taking our first test drive trip tomorrow. To end the night with another blow to my sanity, earlier in the day we needed to re-hook-up the drain pipe to the grey water tank because there was a crack in the original pipe. Apparently I was told not to use the sink while some glue was supposed to be drying and I 100% didn’t get that memo and I realized that after about a gallon of dirty dish water spewed onto the floor from below the sink when I let the drain out. I completely spaced and had no idea what to do or what was happening. After grabbing every hand towel in the basket and a bowl of fruit to catch the water…the gushing stopped. Ha. Luckily I caught what was streaming across the floor before it touched my hard drives and computer wires.

Now, After hanging the rugs on a ladder outside to dry I’m opening a bottle of wine, blaring Beck’s Morning Phase for some calm vibes and smoking a cigarette. Tomorrow, we’ll wake up and start again. We’ll try to take in the fleeting successes and remember why we’re doing this. We’ll intentionally focus on the hope and the joy we’re chasing and be thankful we have the freedom and ambition to do so.

Night ya’ll