The making of a feeling

The speed at which time seems to pass in the summer is incredibly fast, much faster than the slowness of long Ohio winters. Speaking of which, is a distant memory these days. We’ve been full time camper dwelling since mid April and that’s just insane. It won’t be long before we pack up for our first long trip down unknown roads to new landscapes.
We’ve been busy making this place a home these last few months. Between work and spending a ton of time enjoying family and summer things, we created a cozy new resting place for our home on wheels on my parents property. With their help of course; we leveled a parking area and added a deck (really, that was all them…we didn’t have much of a hand in that). We added some plants, got a new tiny patio table and have really been feeling at home.
With the new sense of contentment, we excitedly announced an open house so that we could share everything (finally) with friends and family who have been wanting to visit! And of course, that news didn’t go out without some minor catastrophe hours or days later, in true vintage camper lifestyle fashion. Oh well, repairs will happen, mistakes will be made but this feeling of home is something we’ve worked so hard for, I’m going to take in every single minute of it.