The Open House

An open house was finally on the calendar. I had planned a menu and theme and sent out a mass-invite. It’s been months since we’ve seen some of our closest friends and months since we’ve had anyone over. Some of our close family has yet to see the camper we’ve spent the last year on and everyone kept asking when they could see the place. We thought an open house would be a great way to have everyone visit at once. Of course a party is always a good idea and the fall weather and fall menu had me excited. And then September came and it was a crazy, sad, whirlwind of a few weeks. My uncle who had been recently diagnosed with cancer had a stroke and passed away rather suddenly, so the week leading up to the party was a mix of chaos and numbness. We just kept thinking about how short life is and how waiting to chase your dreams is never a good idea. Anyway, all that family who hadn’t been here to see the camper was suddenly here all together. I’m still sad that my uncle, who was pretty excited about our future adventures, didn’t get a chance to check it out. He would have loved it!

The weather was cold at the beginning of the month but by mid-month it was hot again, like I’m talking 90 degrees and humidity that would melt your face off hot. Our party was slotted for Sunday, so on Friday my sister had a shindig to celebrate her two kid’s birthdays and on Saturday my brother and sis-in-law had a party to celebrate my youngest niece’s birthday. We were already exhausted from the week of mourning and events but Justin said the open house would lift our spirits, so I obliged. The morning of, we had to tote the cats to my parents basement, tear down, un-jack, pack-up and drive an hour to the park where we wanted to have the party. Then set up again. It was seriously SO HOT. We planned to grab the food on the way up, so that morning we made an uncharacteristically lazy decision to order party pizzas and call it a day. Thank god we did. It was a non-stop day. We barely got set up and changed when the party started. Justin’s parents delivered the pizza, that was a big help! I didn’t take many photos but we had a great turn out for the open house. A few people I would have loved to share our story with weren’t able to make it but hopefully that just means they’ll meet us someplace for an adventure soon!

Our dear friends from Cleveland, Canton, childhood friends, family and strangers who drove 2-4 hours from Millersburg and Athens came to see our hard work and pat us on the back! It was an incredible humbling feeling. I still don’t understand how our hair-brained ideas can be an inspiration for people but they seem to be, so we’ll just keep coming up with new ones! ha! We got the most compliments on how home-y the space is, how open and big it feels and on the aesthetic which is just so cool because I spent a lifetime planning our details. Justin answered most of the questions about the technicalities of waste, electricity and water. It was rather cool to host a party at a different location but still have all the things from home that we needed! We also discovered how much kids love tiny spaces! My nephew sitting under our table is the cutest thing ever, see below! Also our friends sweet little girl just curled right up in our bed (under a blanket in 90 degree weather) and it was so sweet!!!

On another note, my anxiety about driving the camper has gotten A LOT better. We took the highway north on this trip, just an hour or so. On the way home we took the backroads which were curvy and hilly. It got dark when we were about 20 minutes from home so I got to practice driving at night for the first time. We pulled in just before 8pm to see my parents standing in the parking spot with lanterns to help us park! They are seriously THE BEST! It took us about an hour to set-up house again for the second time in one day. It’s such a great team-building exercise. HA! Those of you who have done it and done it after a long, long day and in the dark know I’m being completely sarcastic. But, in personal celebration of my new found driving confidence I started planning our route to Arizona! We’re SO excited and the count down is on!

As always, thanks for reading my rambles! We’re planning some big things for this blog in the new year so stay tuned for a more steady stream of posts, inspiration and tiny-living/travel tips!