Our Camper Christmas

I’ve been mulling over titles for this post for a few weeks; “A very merry Cat-mas”-“Deck the Hall (singular)”… we’ll go with a simple “Our Camper Christmas” since this will be our first Christmas in the camper and it’ll definitely be a very merry cat-mas I’m sure. 😉

Every year at our house we would decorate on Justin’s birthday weekend (Dec.1). We’d drink hot cocoa and dance around to Rock’n Around the Christmas Tree with antler headbands on. The only difference this  year was that we did the decking of our hall (singular) a little bit early. Our friends over at Mountain Modern Life asked us to be a part of a camper Christmas tour, so I had to up my game a little bit and get things done early. I’ll be honest, if they hadn’t asked us to participate, I probably wouldn’t have done much decorating. We weren’t feeling very festive. I was still looking over my shoulder wandering what happened to summer. Our year and specifically the last few months of camper life have been a little lack-luster. We’re ashamed to admit that we’ve had more changes to our plan than we have had things go according to it. Ultimately, we made a new plan that has us parked for another couple of months so we took that as an opportunity to cozy the place up for some restful weeks of winter here in Ohio. And to get into the holiday spirit because it’s impossible not to when your whole house twinkles. Plus, nobody likes a Grinch around the holidays, amiright?!

I wanted to do more DIYs and there’s still time but let’s be honest, I’ll probably just spend the rest of December watching terrible Christmas movies on Netflix. I did manage, however, to throw together some yarn for a cute and SUPER simple little wall hanging on an already DIY’ed drift wood piece I made a few months ago. You’ll see it below! We also really wanted to put up a tree and since we had the space in front of our big window and I went searching and found the perfect skinny tree. We used our normal ornaments even though they aren’t glamorous and most of them don’t really match. They’re all meaningful and special to us because of where they came from and we like to be reminded of our blessings this time of year.

I absolutely LOVED hanging real pine around the house in the winter. I used to go ALL-OUT lining the table and fireplace mantle with pine clippings and garlands so, you better believe I had some in my cart at Lowe’s on our last trip to grab a propane tank for our “tiny fireplace”… Which, I realized just now that I didn’t include in these photos because when I shot this tour, it was sixty degrees out and I actually had the door open most of the day. That’s Ohio for you. Anyway, here’s a little trick if you didn’t do this already; when you go to Lowe’s and probably Home Depot you can take the extra clippings from when they wrap the cut trees for customers and they’re FREE.

I wouldn’t say that we went all-out this year but instead we tried to keep things simple and minimal, with lots of glitzy light to keep our tiny space feeling warm and cheerful. Because we are mooch-docking we have the luxury of basically free 30amp hookups, so the outside lights are a huge bonus in a camper! Now, all we need is some snow around here and we’ll be in full hibernation mode.

My mom made those cute and crafty wood outdoor decorations. She’s the cutest. We started a shop this year for her creations but I haven’t had much time to get it going. You can check it out here -> Linen & Timber They also built our deck and basically the entire interior of our camper. 😀 You’ll probably also notice that there is a different cat in pretty much every photo. Yes, we know we’re crazy. We’ve had 5 cats for 10+ years, they’re our babies. The cute one with the gold eyes is our youngest and she appeared in our old garage on National Cat Day, so I had to keep her. Then, we somehow adopted two outdoor kitties when we moved here and they are just the sweetest, brother and sister, kitties ever! Crazy, cat-crazy.

So, I hope you enjoy our camper Christmas tour and we hope your holidays are full of twinkling cheer, joy and cozy nights around a warm fire! We’re happy to answer any of your questions about camper living, renovating or cats if you’ve got ’em…haha!

Note, check out the links at the bottom of the post to see all the other 13 camper tours in the Christmas in the Camper series! So much tiny inspiration!

-Merry Christmas + Happy New Year from Mallory + Justin



12 Replies to “Our Camper Christmas”

  1. Your homes looks so cozy and inviting! You guys did such an incredible job with the renovation and all the Christmas decor koooks perfect!! And I’m seriously crushing on that driftwood piece 😍

  2. Lol I felt exactly the same as you about decorating this year! Wasn’t planning to do much, and had a hard time forcing myself to before December, but I’m so glad I did because being part of this blog series has been a blast so far!

    I cannot tell you how excited I am about your Lowe’s/Home Depot evergreen tip. That opens up a whole new world of possibilities to me…I may have to redecorate and do another blog post! 😂

    Lastly, I am very curious to know what is being stored in the four jars hanging on the wall in the kitchen?

    Okay I lied I have one more question…does your motorhome have any storage compartments underneath? Because seeing your place really makes me want to downsize but I am just wondering if it’s feasible for us….

    1. Hey Ashley, thanks for commenting! haha I love your questions! The jars in the kitchen store some dry grains, quinoa, rice, nuts…that sort of thing. We loved the aesthetic and the additional storage/easy access.
      We don’t have any underneath storage, we removed all the cargo bins in exchange for our large couch/pull out bed in the back. For us, there is more than enough storage inside. We have some totes with seasonal things that we swapped out and also two totes of camping and cycling gear that we keep in our jeep. When we travel, we plan to put those on a trailer rack or something. We do use the cab area of the motorhome as a catchall. Cat food, cat litter, coats, paper towels and clean rugs get thrown up front behind a curtain. It’s not the most organized but it works!

      1. Ah, I see now that the jars are made of amber glass. I thought at first that they were holding some kind of liquid! What do you do with stuff like your sewage hose and tools? Will those go in the Jeep too? I like how you have a curtain sectioning off the cab….makes it feel less like a vehicle and more like a tiny house.

        Before when my husband and I have talked about downsizing and getting a motorhome he was thinking Class A but I showed him your blog post today and he said he could be on board with a Class C. 🙂 So maybe we will do it at some point! I would really love to lose our monthly RV loan payment…..

      2. Haha, yea we loved the amber hue the glass added to the vibe!
        So, we don’t have a sewage hose or tank (well, we have one but it isn’t used). We have a compost toilet so there is no need for any of that nasty stuff…haha. And for our grey water right now because we are on private land and use 100% biodegradable/plant based products we just run our grey water into the ground runoff. It’ll be interesting to see how that works with winter approaching but we’re up for the challenge. Our set up is SUPER easy to maintain. And I am MORE than happy to answer any of your guy’s questions! We can even Skype or something if you want! The curtain was a late addition and has made a huge impact on my feng shui vibes, lol.

      3. I wanted to add that when we are in a campground or something, we hook our sewage hose up to the grey tank for the grey water. We don’t run it on the ground because people would think we were stupid. lol

  3. I’m so excited you guys join in because I’m kind of obsessed with your camper and your style and now your Christmas decorations! I had no idea you had 5 kitties but think it’s awesome – do they all sleep with you guys? We have 2 cats and a dog and I’m amazed that we all fit on our short queen RV bed, haha.

    I also snag tons of free greenery from Home Depot, it’s my go-to spot for adding greenery all throughout, including in our faux wreaths and garland. It especially came in handy this year since the trees we cut were a bit more sparse than usual.

    Oh and our RV adventure certainly hasn’t been what we expected either. We thought we would have already been to Oregon, Washington, and a few other states by now, and also thought we would be doing a lot more boondocking (does staying at the Kansas rest stop for 8 days after being hit by a semi count?) We’ve decided we’re on nomadic standard time and will get where we get, when we’re meant to get there 🙂

    1. Katie, thank YOU so much for all you do for the community and for including us! It’s an honor to be a part of such a warm and welcoming group of cool people! So, to be fully transparent…we actually have 6 cats BAH!! A few of them sleep with us and I’ll be honest, because we mainly use our over-the-cab bunk as our sleeping quarters it can get a little claustrophobic up there. They’re all fat too, so fat cats sleeping on your chest when your face is less than a foot away from the ceiling can be a bit crazy but we love it! I remember seeing you guys (on insta) stuck at that rest stop…you took it in stride! We’re trying to do the same. I like the nomadic time concept!! Thanks for the support!

  4. 1. Your rig is amazingggg.
    2. Your decorations got me like woah!
    3. How am I just now seeing your site?! You rock!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome home!

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