Meet Mini

Say hello to the newest addition to our family of wheels. 🤪For anyone not actively following along for the last year or so, here’s the recap: We currently have two vehicles, one motorhome and one travel trailer + another trailer that’s waiting to be picked up by its new owner! 🤣 #minimalism🤷🏽‍♀️

One year ago, after finishing a year-long, exhausting renovation on our 1985 motorhome, we found out that she wasn’t in good enough condition to take across the country like we had been planning. We were defeated. We had plans. Arizona plans…so to keep those plans we jumped on an opportunity to buy a travel trailer we could tow with our little Jeep – #bertandginny We have spent the last 8 months loving every adventure with that little pod. We took her all over the Southwest, and to Northern Michigan. In the short time we had her she really got her wheels rolling! —
Once we returned back to home base after living in the pod full time for a few months we realized a few things about living on the road . 1. Motorhome life would not suite our style of adventure and 2. We needed approximately 10 more square feet to live AND work comfortably on the road full time. Much to our hearts dismay, we decided to and quickly sold Ginny (to a lovely new owner) meanwhile searching for our next adventure vehicle(s), which for quite a while was going to be a van. Then one day I found the Toyota I’d been eyeing for a while but was always over-budget, this time it was in our price range and met all of our needs! Woohoo new (old) truck! The unexpected and awesome thing that happened the day we went to pick up the truck was that we also bought a camper. We happened to stop by a little RV dealer on the way home, a quaint little spot tucked into the woods way off the beaten path. We weren’t planning to buy, especially not on the same day. We definitely weren’t planning to buy a brand new camper and we weren’t even planning on it matching my new old Toyota either…but we did and it does and we can’t wait for what’s next in this new towable home! #trailertrash
This floorplan stole our hearts the second we walked in. More on that later! ✌🏽