The Pendulum Swings…

In nearly a year of living in different places every week, I finally said it:

“It’s too much.”

“I just want to be home.”

Back in April, we drove over 4,000 miles in three weeks due to some unfortunate circumstances.  In total this year alone we drove almost 20k miles with the camper in tow, sometimes staying a night or two in a new place before moving on to the next. That requires a lot of logistics work and a lot of decisions to be made. At times the planning of those details is literally exhausting… imagine planning for a vacation every day. Where will you stay, what grocery store will you go to, which place has better reviews, which place is safer, more fun, more economical, what will the weather be like? And once all that’s figured out, you have to drive there safely while towing your whole life and your cats. That’s what RV life really is. And for most people they get a reprieve from that lifestyle when they pull back into their driveway at the end of a trip.

Mallory+Justin_McCrea_Travel2019-513But, this little cardboard box on wheels IS our home. We don’t have a sanctuary other than this. I think in that moment, when I said it was all too much, I was desperate to disconnect, to go on auto-pilot and stop paying attention to everything in front of me like one can so easily do at home. Sleep in, stay in jammies, don’t go outside, watch Netflix ALL day. Slowness is what I needed, some real down time.

After all that driving and decision making back in April, this feeling of exhaustion crept in on both of us. We weren’t enjoying anything and everything seemed like too much work. We were desperate for something easy. We needed somewhere to feel like home. Comfortable, safe, long term…factors that don’t always come naturally while living on the road. It took us a while to realize why we were being so negative and unenthused with things that would normally be awesome!

When we travel too fast, experiencing new things all the time, we get overstimulated very quickly by the constant visual and spatial pleasures. It’s a pendulum between being overjoyed and irritable because the balance is off. There’s no down time in between to unpack each big experience. What happens then is that we take really amazing things for granted. It’s a feeling we learned to acknowledge and deal with promptly, checking ourselves as best we can.

Our solution is balance. Days far away from it all are necessary, days doing nothing at home are necessary. Days spent running errands and meeting up with friends for beer and pizza are also necessary for a healthy life balance. Knowing our pace and finding that balance is one of the hardest parts of living this way.

Wheres-Mal-Now-Blog_2019_MalloryMcCrea-57We’ve learned that to be living the most of this life, we need access to get away from it all AND be among others within an easy drive. We need nature AND social interaction. We need creative, personal space AND big, scary adventures to keep it all balanced. All this to say that after nearly a year on the road full time, we are slowly learning our style of travel. We are tuning in more to what our bodies are telling us. We are learning what feeds us and what drains us.

For anyone else traveling, living in a camper and doing any kind of adventure/exploring…it’s so important to be mindful so you don’t burn out because this truly is the most extraordinary experience and we’re lucky as hell to be here…where ever here is.

MTV Cribs – Home on Wheels Version

Back in September we hosted a open house at a park. We invited our friends and family and even some strangers came over to check out all the hard work we put into building our 1985 dream home on wheels. We didn’t expect a camera crew from MTV cribs to show up.

Ok, we’re kidding. Our friend Amanda is an awesome videographer and she decided on to film some details which somehow quickly turned into her filming a cribs episode with Justin playing the part with Oscar worthy acting. Watching this back made me slightly concerned about the amount of MTV my husband must have watched as a teenager because he was SO GOOD at being a cribs guy…haha. I just really can’t say much about the video other than it was so much fun to watch….you just have to watch it and be prepared to laugh.
Thanks Amanda!


Meet Ginny | Our Rpod Travel Trailer

The holidays got wild around here. We spent a whole week just hanging around the camper, making delicious meals, watching Christmas movies and enjoying family time. Then we hopped on a plane headed for Arizona for New Year Eve (more on that later). But before we did that, we added a member to our family of vehicles. (face palm)

I’d like to keep this short because I have a million other things I should be doing for work….but this story is one I want to remember.

Back in 2014 maybe early 2015 when we were looking for a home on wheels, we were considering all the options. We looked at a new Rpod with an outdoor kitchen. It was too small for our vision back then so we kept looking. Fast forward to October this year when we got the news about our engine needing a major repair and we decided that it was time to revisit a smaller, towable option for getting around and getting the hell out of town as soon as possible before we go insane. After months of back and forth decision making we decided that a more mobile, smaller, towable travel rig made us both more comfortable and excited rather than feeling nervous and anxious about driving a 32 year old motorhome.Our tow vehicle can’t tow much so we were pretty much limited to less than 3-4 options. We had been looking for weeks. We looked at very used, very old trailers. We looked at brand new, very expensive trailers. We even considered a van build. We knew that we wanted to tow something so that if we needed repairs or had an emergency that we would have a separated home and vehicle while traveling. We spent more time on RV Trader than is healthy for any person. And then we found her in Columbus and we just had to meet her.

Rpods are a hot commodity in the RV world. They hold their value really well and sell very quickly. We made the decision in one afternoon to drive the two hours south to get a look at her, but more so just to put a deposit down so that we didn’t lose the chance to make her ours. Big purchases are always scary and we both hate that we financed something new while we are on this path of financial freedom….but we just couldn’t pass it up. We got a great deal and we are SO excited to make her our own!

As for the Big Girl, we are increasingly saddened that we won’t be traveling in our real “home”. We’re sad she won’t be joining us this winter on our western adventures because we worked so hard to get her ready but our plan is to fix her up this summer when we have time and nice weather to do so. For those wondering what we will do and why we have two campers, that’s our rationalization. We live in one, travel in the other, for now. When you don’t have a house, a mortgage, a slew of bills to go along with it and you aren’t tied to any one particular lifestyle the options that open up to you are many.

So, without further ado, meet Ginny P. Also known as Ginevra Pod’der, as in Ginny Potter…Harry Potter’s eventual wife and Ron Weasley’s sister. Her and Berty (our Jeep Liberty) are best friends already, they’re attached at the hitch. I couldn’t wait to use that joke when we picked her up. We’re starting to put our own touch on the interior of course, because it has to feel like home (base) but we cannot wait for her to be sitting among the cactus and the mountains in a few weeks! Wish us luck!

Our Camper Christmas

I’ve been mulling over titles for this post for a few weeks; “A very merry Cat-mas”-“Deck the Hall (singular)”… we’ll go with a simple “Our Camper Christmas” since this will be our first Christmas in the camper and it’ll definitely be a very merry cat-mas I’m sure. 😉

Every year at our house we would decorate on Justin’s birthday weekend (Dec.1). We’d drink hot cocoa and dance around to Rock’n Around the Christmas Tree with antler headbands on. The only difference this  year was that we did the decking of our hall (singular) a little bit early. Our friends over at Mountain Modern Life asked us to be a part of a camper Christmas tour, so I had to up my game a little bit and get things done early. I’ll be honest, if they hadn’t asked us to participate, I probably wouldn’t have done much decorating. We weren’t feeling very festive. I was still looking over my shoulder wandering what happened to summer. Our year and specifically the last few months of camper life have been a little lack-luster. We’re ashamed to admit that we’ve had more changes to our plan than we have had things go according to it. Ultimately, we made a new plan that has us parked for another couple of months so we took that as an opportunity to cozy the place up for some restful weeks of winter here in Ohio. And to get into the holiday spirit because it’s impossible not to when your whole house twinkles. Plus, nobody likes a Grinch around the holidays, amiright?!

I wanted to do more DIYs and there’s still time but let’s be honest, I’ll probably just spend the rest of December watching terrible Christmas movies on Netflix. I did manage, however, to throw together some yarn for a cute and SUPER simple little wall hanging on an already DIY’ed drift wood piece I made a few months ago. You’ll see it below! We also really wanted to put up a tree and since we had the space in front of our big window and I went searching and found the perfect skinny tree. We used our normal ornaments even though they aren’t glamorous and most of them don’t really match. They’re all meaningful and special to us because of where they came from and we like to be reminded of our blessings this time of year.

I absolutely LOVED hanging real pine around the house in the winter. I used to go ALL-OUT lining the table and fireplace mantle with pine clippings and garlands so, you better believe I had some in my cart at Lowe’s on our last trip to grab a propane tank for our “tiny fireplace”… Which, I realized just now that I didn’t include in these photos because when I shot this tour, it was sixty degrees out and I actually had the door open most of the day. That’s Ohio for you. Anyway, here’s a little trick if you didn’t do this already; when you go to Lowe’s and probably Home Depot you can take the extra clippings from when they wrap the cut trees for customers and they’re FREE.

I wouldn’t say that we went all-out this year but instead we tried to keep things simple and minimal, with lots of glitzy light to keep our tiny space feeling warm and cheerful. Because we are mooch-docking we have the luxury of basically free 30amp hookups, so the outside lights are a huge bonus in a camper! Now, all we need is some snow around here and we’ll be in full hibernation mode.

My mom made those cute and crafty wood outdoor decorations. She’s the cutest. We started a shop this year for her creations but I haven’t had much time to get it going. You can check it out here -> Linen & Timber They also built our deck and basically the entire interior of our camper. 😀 You’ll probably also notice that there is a different cat in pretty much every photo. Yes, we know we’re crazy. We’ve had 5 cats for 10+ years, they’re our babies. The cute one with the gold eyes is our youngest and she appeared in our old garage on National Cat Day, so I had to keep her. Then, we somehow adopted two outdoor kitties when we moved here and they are just the sweetest, brother and sister, kitties ever! Crazy, cat-crazy.

So, I hope you enjoy our camper Christmas tour and we hope your holidays are full of twinkling cheer, joy and cozy nights around a warm fire! We’re happy to answer any of your questions about camper living, renovating or cats if you’ve got ’em…haha!

Note, check out the links at the bottom of the post to see all the other 13 camper tours in the Christmas in the Camper series! So much tiny inspiration!

-Merry Christmas + Happy New Year from Mallory + Justin

Set Backs & Life Lessons

As we count down the mere days left until we begin another milestone transition into our desired lifestyle, one we’ve been planning for over two years, we are experiencing mixed emotions and anxiety instead of sheer excitement. In just a few weeks, Justin will be leaving his college teaching job of eight years and in a few more weeks we would be leaving for our trip West. We should be planning to celebrate. We should be mapping routes and packing backpacks. But as life would have it, as it often does, something else is brewing in our pot. I say we “would be” leaving for our trip because last week we got some news that threw a big-ass-wrench in those plans.

Rewind our story back to August 2015 when we bought our rig and took it to a Ford truck dealer to have the mechanics inspected to get a list of repairs that to be done before she was road ready; then fast forward to last spring when we took it to another Ford dealer to have those and a few additional repairs completed. Then to the three of four times we’ve had to take it back in to have little things fixed or readjusted at the fault of the garage. First a missing nut on our shocks, then an exhaust leak that turned into a brand-new manifold that was apparently warped, which then turned into a crack in our cylinder head. That was the news over three weeks ago. Last week, the garage called to tell us after they’d already scheduled us to come in, after taking three weeks to find the replacement part that they couldn’t get the part after all. After thousands of dollars, too many hours to count and a lot of piece of mind wasted on that garage we were left feeling not at all taken care of and a little bit swindled.

In the midst of this, my dad suggested looking into putting a new motor in the camper. It wasn’t a bad idea. It would solve many of the problems and possible problems and the investment was less than double what the original repair was going to be. We jumped at the idea to soon have our rig running like new, at first. Then I began to second guess the entire situation. If only we had the time and freedom to get a second opinion or make a thorough and informed decision, since it seemed the mechanics weren’t doing us any favors. Or even being considerate of our situation. If we had a place for the cats, a place to set up our office, a place to sleep without completely disrupting life during these busy few weeks leading up to the holidays and before our trip. Then we could hop the camper around where ever to get it looked at by other, hopefully more competent mechanics. But, we don’t have that.

We took a few days to let it sink in. We talked about all the options and decided that this is a set back and that letting it idle (pun intended) for a little while would give us a little bit of space to wrap our minds around the bigger picture. Not to mention the fact that we are in a very busy season with our jobs right now that require a lot of our focus + the holidays coming up which we really want to be immersed in with family. Last week, in a moment of weakness through tears I said to my mom “why doesn’t anything come easy for us”. To which I immediately responded to myself. I know that one day we’ll look back and say how glad we are to have learned from these experiences rather than looking back and saying how lucky we were and how easy everything was.

The life lessons we’re learning are many; that set backs are inevitable and don’t have to be detrimental to the plan, they just set you back; We haven’t failed, we’re learning; We aren’t giving up; There is no roadmap or how-to guide for this lifestyle; Our priorities change; We can do whatever we want; Our options are endless even though our pride or our hearts might hurt a little during the decision making process.

So, we’re in the thick of a tough spot. We’re hashing out options and making new plans. We hope to share something fun and exciting one day soon. Maybe from someplace new. Maybe not. Either way…it is what it is and that’s life.

The Open House

An open house was finally on the calendar. I had planned a menu and theme and sent out a mass-invite. It’s been months since we’ve seen some of our closest friends and months since we’ve had anyone over. Some of our close family has yet to see the camper we’ve spent the last year on and everyone kept asking when they could see the place. We thought an open house would be a great way to have everyone visit at once. Of course a party is always a good idea and the fall weather and fall menu had me excited. And then September came and it was a crazy, sad, whirlwind of a few weeks. My uncle who had been recently diagnosed with cancer had a stroke and passed away rather suddenly, so the week leading up to the party was a mix of chaos and numbness. We just kept thinking about how short life is and how waiting to chase your dreams is never a good idea. Anyway, all that family who hadn’t been here to see the camper was suddenly here all together. I’m still sad that my uncle, who was pretty excited about our future adventures, didn’t get a chance to check it out. He would have loved it!

The weather was cold at the beginning of the month but by mid-month it was hot again, like I’m talking 90 degrees and humidity that would melt your face off hot. Our party was slotted for Sunday, so on Friday my sister had a shindig to celebrate her two kid’s birthdays and on Saturday my brother and sis-in-law had a party to celebrate my youngest niece’s birthday. We were already exhausted from the week of mourning and events but Justin said the open house would lift our spirits, so I obliged. The morning of, we had to tote the cats to my parents basement, tear down, un-jack, pack-up and drive an hour to the park where we wanted to have the party. Then set up again. It was seriously SO HOT. We planned to grab the food on the way up, so that morning we made an uncharacteristically lazy decision to order party pizzas and call it a day. Thank god we did. It was a non-stop day. We barely got set up and changed when the party started. Justin’s parents delivered the pizza, that was a big help! I didn’t take many photos but we had a great turn out for the open house. A few people I would have loved to share our story with weren’t able to make it but hopefully that just means they’ll meet us someplace for an adventure soon!

Our dear friends from Cleveland, Canton, childhood friends, family and strangers who drove 2-4 hours from Millersburg and Athens came to see our hard work and pat us on the back! It was an incredible humbling feeling. I still don’t understand how our hair-brained ideas can be an inspiration for people but they seem to be, so we’ll just keep coming up with new ones! ha! We got the most compliments on how home-y the space is, how open and big it feels and on the aesthetic which is just so cool because I spent a lifetime planning our details. Justin answered most of the questions about the technicalities of waste, electricity and water. It was rather cool to host a party at a different location but still have all the things from home that we needed! We also discovered how much kids love tiny spaces! My nephew sitting under our table is the cutest thing ever, see below! Also our friends sweet little girl just curled right up in our bed (under a blanket in 90 degree weather) and it was so sweet!!!

On another note, my anxiety about driving the camper has gotten A LOT better. We took the highway north on this trip, just an hour or so. On the way home we took the backroads which were curvy and hilly. It got dark when we were about 20 minutes from home so I got to practice driving at night for the first time. We pulled in just before 8pm to see my parents standing in the parking spot with lanterns to help us park! They are seriously THE BEST! It took us about an hour to set-up house again for the second time in one day. It’s such a great team-building exercise. HA! Those of you who have done it and done it after a long, long day and in the dark know I’m being completely sarcastic. But, in personal celebration of my new found driving confidence I started planning our route to Arizona! We’re SO excited and the count down is on!

As always, thanks for reading my rambles! We’re planning some big things for this blog in the new year so stay tuned for a more steady stream of posts, inspiration and tiny-living/travel tips!

The making of a feeling

The speed at which time seems to pass in the summer is incredibly fast, much faster than the slowness of long Ohio winters. Speaking of which, is a distant memory these days. We’ve been full time camper dwelling since mid April and that’s just insane. It won’t be long before we pack up for our first long trip down unknown roads to new landscapes.
We’ve been busy making this place a home these last few months. Between work and spending a ton of time enjoying family and summer things, we created a cozy new resting place for our home on wheels on my parents property. With their help of course; we leveled a parking area and added a deck (really, that was all them…we didn’t have much of a hand in that). We added some plants, got a new tiny patio table and have really been feeling at home.
With the new sense of contentment, we excitedly announced an open house so that we could share everything (finally) with friends and family who have been wanting to visit! And of course, that news didn’t go out without some minor catastrophe hours or days later, in true vintage camper lifestyle fashion. Oh well, repairs will happen, mistakes will be made but this feeling of home is something we’ve worked so hard for, I’m going to take in every single minute of it.

Interior Tour

Over the last year (two if we’re being realistic, with the planning and paring down) we’ve poured EVERY. SINGLE. OUNCE. of ourselves into this project. It’s been exhausting. It almost broke us more than a few times and continues to test our patience + second guess the whole idea. But it has also made us stronger.

We’re SO FREAKING thrilled with how it turned out and we can’t wait to share and tell everyone about all the details. The renovation process is something we’ve loved for a long time, since we bought our first home together 12+ years ago. We love the work and the reward.

This project is about much more than that, though. It’s been easy to blanket this project and focus on the renovation because that’s all we’ve been doing. But this isn’t about renovation, it’s about innovation. Upheaval of life for the sake of not settling. It’s about the challenge. It’s about chasing dreams. We just watched the new Beauty and the Beast and felt a true kinship with Belle and her ideas about life. We want more than what society has planned. We want more for ourselves than what is normal or acceptable. We crave adventure and exploration. We crave a simple life but not to be simple people.

The tiny house movement is something we fully support and something we want to fully explore. Living minimally, free from debt while unconventionally making a living is something we are VERY passionate about as a couple. The things that living in this camper will allow us to do have yet to be revealed because of the renovation process but we haven’t lost sight of the adventure, the support of the earth and the financial freedom that await. Those are the reasons we embarked to begin with.

That said, take a look at our new home with explanations of each section in the photo captions.
We’d be thrilled to answer any questions you have! Just leave us a comment!

Thanks guys!

June – Still Working

Hey friends!! Here we are, June 3rd. That’s crazy. May came with all showers and no flowers…well until this past weekend which was actually June but it was still beautiful. We’re ready for another update here on our monthly blog! First, I have to say that it’s so hard keeping up with what’s going on when we seem to barely find time to feed our selves a proper meal let alone journal. I don’t know how professional bloggers do it. But I know that one day I will look back on all these entries and remember the good parts and forget the tough ones.

Let’s see…so in May we got a lot accomplished!
– We managed to tidy up the exterior with the amazing Mr. Clean magic erasers. They literally took all of the slime off without effort. Our girl is looking FRESH!
– We patched some openings from where we removed appliances way earlier in the build process. I felt really good about this accomplishment. We did a simple DIY fix instead of waiting for my brother to professionally cut and weld us steel plates. Some sheet aluminum and some snips, grommets and a lot of Pro Flex and we were good to go (pics coming soon).
– We got new tires, a spare tire and new wheel ANNNND had more repairs done to the engine.
-This weekend Justin is working on rebuilding our cargo doors. They were completely rotten so we used the same aluminum sheets from the patch work and rebuilt the original doors with a snazzier look and new locks. Everything takes so much longer than we plan for but when it’s done…it’s going to feel so good knowing that WE did all of this (with my parents help, obvi)

Those were some of the awesome things we got accomplished. But everyday hasn’t been wonderful. We’ve had to temporarily move-out while the rig was in the shop so all semblances of home/work/life balance was nonexistent. Things were getting lost…and not just our minds. It was a very weird couple of weeks. Today in particular was very stressful. We’ve had physically harder days & weekends than this one but for some reason this one really got us. Maybe it’s because we’re supposed to be done. We’re supposed to be onto the next phase. We’re supposed to be focused on other priorities by now. But life has her own agenda.

Today Justin made two trips to Lowe’s (20+ miles away), after an emergency garage visit yesterday which resulted in the cancellation of our first appearance to visit some friends in the camper. And I woke up with some crazy anxiety about, well, everything under the sun and was having what I now understand to be small panic attacks all day long. Probably because we had a tiny hiccup this weekend when we noticed that the shop either left off some nuts on our new shocks from back in March or they weren’t tightened and fell off. Either way, Justin noticed it when he was underneath mounting some conduit and was like what the whaaaa? Thankfully we chose a shop less than a mile down the road, we took it over and they fixed us up within an hour. Now we can only hope they had a bit more attention to detail with the rest of the repairs they did.

I’m not typically one to stress. Or maybe I am and I just never noticed but today I’ve been nauseous and anxious about taking our first test drive trip tomorrow. To end the night with another blow to my sanity, earlier in the day we needed to re-hook-up the drain pipe to the grey water tank because there was a crack in the original pipe. Apparently I was told not to use the sink while some glue was supposed to be drying and I 100% didn’t get that memo and I realized that after about a gallon of dirty dish water spewed onto the floor from below the sink when I let the drain out. I completely spaced and had no idea what to do or what was happening. After grabbing every hand towel in the basket and a bowl of fruit to catch the water…the gushing stopped. Ha. Luckily I caught what was streaming across the floor before it touched my hard drives and computer wires.

Now, After hanging the rugs on a ladder outside to dry I’m opening a bottle of wine, blaring Beck’s Morning Phase for some calm vibes and smoking a cigarette. Tomorrow, we’ll wake up and start again. We’ll try to take in the fleeting successes and remember why we’re doing this. We’ll intentionally focus on the hope and the joy we’re chasing and be thankful we have the freedom and ambition to do so.

Night ya’ll

April – Moved In

We’re finally LIVING inside this damn thing. YOU GUYS!!! What?!?!? We’re just 30 days from our one year anniversary of moving out and leaving normalcy behind. It took us every bit of that time to get to where we are and it sure as hell wasn’t an easy year. April was a big month for us over here and if you couldn’t tell from our Insta feed, we are SO in love with our new home. We got the girl back from the shop at the end of March and have spent nearly every minute of time since enjoying this simple, tiny lifestyle! It took us a while to get things situated inside, because we’re still working out some kinks with our hot water situation which has us going into the basement to shower and do laundry. For that reason we’ve just been keeping our clothes in the house still but I think this weekend we’ll organize our closest space in the camper!

I can’t say how enough about how the transition has lifted our spirits. There’s something very un-natural about photographers living without natural light. The first morning we woke up at sunrise and just sat with our hearts so full starting at the golden rays. After the first 3-4 weeks my consensus is that there is ample storage, extra even, and we could stand to pair down again in the kitchen! We’ve loved cooking, cleaning, sleeping and being with the cats above ground where the light can dance on the walls. My workspace came together just in time for a giant kick-off to wedding season!

We still have a couple tiny projects to complete, but all in good time. We aren’t in a hurry. With the weather finally turning we can’t wait to spend more time outside enjoying life instead of working every second on this thing like we did last year. I still nearly sob at that thought and how much time we’ve spent doing things other than traveling, exploring, hiking, etc BUT we’re making this transition for life. It’s not an adventure or a vacation. This is just our life now. We’ve had to keep reminding ourselves that this wasn’t about taking a long trip someplace or hopping around the U.S. for a couple of years. We put in the work and the time to build a home. A home that we will live in happily where ever we are…be it here in our backyard in Ohio or… anywhere we want! That being said, we are SUPER excited to be headed to Michigan and hopefully some other great places this summer!

The most asked questions right now are about where we are going and why there are so many dang cats in here. We thought we’d just answer a few questions, show a few photos of the interior and plan ahead for the rest of our blog posts now that life is back to a normal pace.

“How many cats do you have in there?”
We currently have 4 of our 6 kittie-babies in here. They’re LOVING it. The other two are residing happily in our basement apartment still, we didn’t want to over-shock everyone so it’s been a methodical process. We’ll see how they all do in here and then may consider finding foster homes for when we travel for the 2-3 that won’t take kindly to all that travel entails.

“Where are you heading first?”
This question gives us anxiety. Why? I’m not sure. We don’t have a plan exactly. Life is the plan. But I’m beginning to realize that if we don’t make a travel plan then life will win and we’ll end up here doing the day-to-day for another year or more and I know we don’t want that. We aren’t putting pressure on ourselves to hurry up and go someplace because we’re still finishing things with the renovation, running a business, Justin is still teaching and we have clients and events here peppered throughout the summer. So, to answer that more specifically; we have an RV campsite booked in Michigan for a wedding in June and we’ll be there for a week. That very likely will be our maiden voyage. We hope to have time for short, local trips to work out any kinks before that but we’ll see, we aren’t pushing it. It’s just finally nice to be able to relax in here after a year of building it out.

“Are you going to live in it at your parents house?”
For now. We’re living in the camper full-time which has given us the luxury of working out all the lifestyle kinks while we still have access to electricity, water, the help of my parents and the extra space to pair down and organize the rest of our crap. It’s not the dream to be posted up here next to their house but it’s the best spring board we could have had to make sure we’re ready for the next step of this.

“When will we get to see it?”
Any time! We’re welcoming guests! We’ve had a few stop by already! We’re hoping to plan a party but finding the time during wedding season and the energy in between finishing the last details has us kind of just procrastinating that idea. We’re posting interior shots on our active Insta page and once a month or so I’ll be sharing a post here on the blog so you can definitely keep tabs on our life & progress!

I have some great posts planned for the coming months so stay tuned if you want to see our storage concepts, learn about our compost toilet and watch some interviews from the building process!
Thanks for following along!